While Printing

You should pay careful consideration to your resin tank levels while printing. The resin tank holds approximately 200 mL of material at the maximum fill line.

Refilling Mid-print

You can add more resin at any time during the print, but overfilling could result in spillage and damage to your machine. If your model is estimated to use more than 200 mL of resin, you will need to top up the resin tank mid-print.

1. Pause the print

To refill your resin tank during a print, hit the power button one time to pause your print.

2. Pour resin into tank

3. Fill to maximum fill line slowly

4. Close cover and press the button once to resume printing


To cancel a print, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.

After any print (successful or not), make sure to remove any cured resin from the build platform and the resin tank using the scraper in your Form Finish Kit.