Issues While Printing

Below are a few known issues that can occur while your part is printing. Use the advice to minimize print process problems.

Part Falls from Supports

If a part detaches from its supports during a print, you may need to strengthen the support contact using the advanced support settings. Try adjusting the touch point size and/or the support structure density.

Part Doesn’t Adhere to the Build Platform

Monitor your prints from time to time to make sure they’re adhering to the build platform correctly. If you realize the print has failed, simply cancel the print by holding the Form 1 button for 3 seconds, then clean the cured material from the printer. To resolve adherence issues, increase the base thickness or use the fine tuning setting to adjust the height of the build platform.

Printer Stops Mid-print

If your printer stops a print before finishing, try the following:

  • Double-check that your printer power supply is securely plugged in and that you don’t have any electrical interruptions.
  • Allow the entire print file to transfer from your computer to the Form 1+ before disconnecting the USB cable. The file transfer can take several minutes. Disconnecting too early will result in an incomplete model.
  • Check whether the cover is completely closed and recognized by the printer.

Printer Unplugged During File Transfer

  • Make sure the same instance of PreForm Software is still open.
  • Plug the printer back in to resume the file transfer.
  • If PreForm Software was closed, you can reload your saved scene and re-start the transfer.