Form 1+ Care

Whether operating, cleaning, or storing your Form 1+ printer, proper care will help extend its life, improve prints, and keep it looking beautiful.

Cleaning the Cover

The cover of your Form 1+ is made from acrylic. Use the microfiber cloth included in the Form Finish Kit to wipe away fingerprints and keep your Form 1 looking clean and clear. For a better shine, use products specifically recommended for acrylic, like Novus 1.


Never clean the cover with isopropyl alcohol. IPA will cause fissures and cracks to appear in the acrylic, resulting in permanent machine damage. Also avoid cleaners that contain ammonia such as Windex.

Maintaining the Resin Tank

The resin tank should be inspected and cleaned after every print. Sometimes you will need to remove cured resin from the resin tank’s silicon surface, especially if a print fails to adhere to the build platform.

Resin Tank
You should inspect and clean your resin tank after every print.

After many prints, you may notice that the silicone layer of the tank begins to cloud. Vary your print locations on the build platform to limit this effect and extend the life of the tank.


The resin tank must be clean and clear to allow the laser to do its job. Take care to keep the bottom and top of the tank free of fingerprints and other contaminants by handling the tank from the sides and edges and cleaning routinely.

Replacing the Resin Tank

The resin tank is a consumable and requires replacement from time to time. This will help to maintain the quality of your prints. Replace your tank with a spare from the Form Store after approximately 2–3 liters of printing.


Keeping the Mirrors Clean

Just like the resin tank, the mirrors inside your Form 1+ must be clean to ensure high quality and successful printing. If you find dust, smudges, or spills on the mirrors’ surfaces, follow our mirror cleaning guide to carefully return your printer to working order.

Spare Build Platforms

If you print frequently or change resins often, you may want to consider keeping spare build platforms. An extra platform will allow you to immediately begin a new print before having to clean the one that was previously used. This practice also makes sure that you keep your resins from mixing. Buy spares at the Form Store.