Fine Tuning can be accessed via the PreForm Printers menu when your Form 1+ is connected. Select File, then Printers, or enter Cmnd/Cntrl+Shift+P on a keyboard to access Printers. The Fine Tuning panel allows you to make adjustments to how your Form 1+ interprets PreForm’s instructions. Fine Tuning is an advanced troubleshooting feature, for use only when there have been consistent, small-scale errors in your models’ dimensions.

Fine Tuning option from Printers menu for the Form 1+

Fine Tuning menu for the Form 1+

Platform Height

This setting changes the “zero height” between the build platform and the bottom of the resin tank. It can be adjusted to place the build platform either higher above the resin tank’s PDMS layer (“higher”), or closer to the PDMS layer (“lower”), by up to 1.0 mm, in increments of 0.1 mm at a time.

When to Go Higher

If you consistently get prints with very thin bases — and you’ve already tried increasing base height via the Advanced Support Settings — you’ll want to move the build platform away from the resin tank bottom, to give the base more room to build. Move in increments of 0.1mm, and try small prints until you get printed models with consistent support rafts.

When to Go Lower

If your models never stick to the build platform — despite double-checking the cleanliness of your Form 1+’s resin tank and mirrors — try moving the build platform closer to the resin tank’s bottom. Sometimes a little nudge is enough to make your models adhere and build correctly.

X/Y Scale

This tool adjusts the scaling factor in the printer’s X and Y axes. When you make an adjustment here, your PreForm scene will not visibly change, but your Form 1+ will stretch or compress the laser’s path in the X and Y directions by the amount you specify. The default value is 0.00%. You can change it in increments of 0.10% up to 4% stretching or compression in either direction — so your model will end up at maximum 104% of its designed width and depth, or minimum 96% of its designed width and depth.

This is an advanced tool, for when you’ve noticed and measured a consistent discrepancy between your model’s design and your printed results.


The Y-axis of the Form 1 and Form 1+ is the direction from “left to right”, or hinge-to-peel, across the build platform. The X-axis is the front-to-back direction.

X/Y Offset

When parts print offset from the center or extend over the edges of the build platform, PreForm allows minor adjustments to the placement of parts in the X and Y axes. Each printer has a different amount of available offset, dependent on the printer’s initial factory calibration. The Fine Tuning tool shows the maximum amount each axis can be adjusted for the currently connected From 1+.

To determine how much to adjust the offset, estimate from a print with shifted parts, or print a part in a known location and measure the distance from the intended position in millimeters. The front of the build platform represents -X, while the back or handle side represents +X; when the build platform is installed, the peel motor is directly below +Y, and -Y is aligned with the hinge on the left. For example, for a part extending 2.0 mm over the back edge of the build platform, enter an offset of -2.0 mm in the X Offset field.

If the parts are offset by more than the range available in PreForm, the galvanometers may have mechanically shifted; contact Formlabs support for guidance.

When to Contact Us

If your models are consistently the wrong dimensions, skewed by more than 5% in the X or Y direction, never adhering, or offset beyond the range available in PreForm, reset everything to default values and send us a support ticket!