Checking the Resin Tank

Whether a tank is new or has already been used, an optically clear path for the laser beam is essential for printing. Before confirming a print, inspect the resin tank for markings or cured resin particles.

1. Pull the scraper from back to front


Pull the scraper toward the front of the printer at a shallow angle. Take care not to push resin over the sides of the tank’s walls.

2. Sift for fine particles with a comb


If you see or feel any resin cured in your tank, it’s essential to remove debris by cleaning the tank or the next print will fail. Use a paint filter with a 190 micron mesh size to thoroughly strain liquid resin.

When you’re finished, the tank’s bottom window should be optically transparent. If you see any damage or ghosting along the bottom of the tank, it may indicate the tank needs replacing. If the tank is clear, you are now ready to fill your tank.