Use PreForm to scale, orient, and create or modify the supports for each model, then save the print as a .form before uploading. Once the Form 2 is connected, upload directly to the printer and start the print.

Confirm the type of resin and layer height before sending a .form file to the Form 2. To start the upload process, select the orange printer icon in the PreForm toolbar.

If the orange icon is not available, the printer may not be properly connected to the same local network. Check to see that you do not have other open instances of PreForm and learn more about connecting to your Form 2. Save any files before restarting PreForm, and re-connect your printer to establish a proper connection

When connecting via USB, the print will upload more quickly if you wait to start the print until the file is fully uploaded, then you can disconnect the cable.


From the print queue view, the Form 2’s touchscreen will display the .form file’s upload in progress. Use the screen to select the file name and start the print.

Follow the onscreen prompts. The Form 2 will automatically fill and warm the tank, then the print will start automatically.


Shake the resin cartridge approximately every two weeks to keep the formula well-mixed for the best print quality.

The Form 2 can save .form files to easily restart recently stored print jobs from the queue.


To start a saved file, confirm your resin tank and cartridge match the file’s settings, then simply select the file’s name from the queue to begin the print.


To delete a print from the queue, select the file name from the list and then select the delete icon on the touchscreen’s bottom left corner.