The Form 2’s packaging materials are designed to be kept and reused for transporting your printer. The printer’s complete packaging kit consists of:

  • 1 outer cardboard carton
  • 4 foam bottom corner inserts
  • 1 foam upper insert, which holds the small accessory boxes
  • 1 cardboard lift tray
  • 1 protective plastic bag
  • Plastic or saran wrap

Preparing to Ship

Always remove the build platform, resin tank, and cartridge before moving or packaging the Form 2 printer.

A. Wipe residual resin from the build platform and store the platform away from sunlight. You may choose to store the build platform in plastic wrap and/or in its original box.
B. Store the resin tank on a smooth clean surface with the wiper and lid installed. Protect the optical window on the underside from being scratched, smudged, or touched. When storing a resin tank in the original box, use a paper towel to protect the optical window.
C. Store the cartridge with the vent cap closed and the valve cover installed.


If you are shipping a printer to Formlabs for service, the build platform, resin tank, or other accessories should not be shipped and will not be returned after service. The printer’s original packaging is required for warranty service.

1. Inspect Packaging

If the printer’s outer cardboard carton has been collapsed, start by re-assembling and securely taping the box’s bottom opening. Insert all four foam corners, one each, into the internal corners of the cardboard lift tray.

2. Tape Tank Carrier

Tape the inside of the printer’s tank carrier (which holds the resin tank) with two pieces of painter’s tape. Use tape that will not leave residue on the printer’s shell. Tape across the top of the tank carrier and down each side to ensure that the tank carrier does not move during transport.

3. Wrap Printer

Securely wrap the seam between the printer’s top cover and lower shell to maintain alignment in transit. Wrap with saran wrap multiple times horizontally and vertically so the entire printer is covered and the cover is firmly stabilized.

4. Lift Tray

Place the upright printer into the lift tray, then use the handles to gently lower the lift tray and printer into the box.

5. Install Upper Foam

Install the foam upper insert with the larger void facing upward; the foam should fit exactly around the top of the printer’s cover.

6. Fill Void Space

Place the empty boxes or loose fill paper packaging on top of the foam insert to fill the void and prevent the foam from bending or shifting.

7. Close Packaging

Seal each edge of the top opening with adhesive packing tape.