Ensure that the resin tank, build platform, and resin cartridge are securely installed before uploading and starting a print.

1. Insert the Resin Tank with the Wiper

Lift the printer’s cover. Remove the resin tank’s black lid and align the four small feet of the resin tank into the corresponding holes in the tank carrier.

Push the tank until it is flush against the front of the carrier. The printer will not properly detect the tank unless the tank is fully inserted.

2. Lock the Wiper

Ensure the wiper is straight, then align the foot of the wiper with the wiper mount.

Push the wiper toward the tank to align it with the front of the mount. The wiper should be firmly mounted.

The wiper mount will home to the far right at the end of a print. Manually slide the wiper mount to the center before removing a resin tank.

3. Insert the Build Platform

Align the build platform with the platform carrier and push into place. Lock the handle down to secure the build platform.

4. Shake the Resin Cartridge
Before inserting a new cartridge, shake the cartridge to ensure the resin is well-mixed.

Shake the resin cartridge approximately every two weeks to keep the formula well-mixed for the best print quality.

Then, remove the protective orange valve cover from the underside of the cartridge. Consider saving the cover to protect the valve during storage.

Do not remove the rubber valve at the bottom of the cartridge. This bite valve controls the release of the resin. Removing the rubber bite valve would allow resin to continuously flow and cause extreme damage to the machine.

5. Insert the Resin Cartridge

Align the cartridge with the opening at the back of the printer. Push down on the cartridge handle until the top of the cartridge is level with the printer.

Be sure to press open the vent cap before starting a print, so that your resin tank fills correctly.

Make sure the material in your resin tank always matches the resin type in the installed cartridge.
Printer On

6. Power the Printer On

Now you are ready to start your print!