Updating Firmware

To update the firmware on a Form 2, first use PreForm to download the latest version then upload and install the file on the printer. Review the Preform and firmware release notes to learn more about the improvements that come with each version’s release.

  1. Open PreForm.
  2. Open the File menu and select “Printers…”.
  3. Select the serial name of the printer you would like to update.
  4. Select “Update Firmware”.

5. Follow the onscreen instructions to download the latest firmware and then upload the file to the printer. To upload firmware, the printer must be connected to the computer via USB or the printer must be wired to a local Ethernet network.

6. The printer may automatically recognize you have sent a firmware. Press the Continue button on the Form 2’s touchscreen to finish the installation.

If you are not prompted to select Continue, open the Settings tab on the printer’s touchscreen and select “Firmware Update”.
7. After the firmware update installs, confirm the system restart on the touchscreen or wait 30 seconds for an automatic restart.

Not Enough Space Error

If the Form 2 reports insufficient space to install a firmware update, selectively delete one or more prints from the print queue. To delete all prints on the Form 2, open the touchscreen’s Settings menu, then select Storage.