What is Open Mode?

Open Mode allows experimentation with third-party resins on a Form 2 printer. When Open Mode is enabled, the Form 2 deactivates the heater, the wiper, resin dispensing, and the sensory systems that recognize the resin cartridge and resin tank.

Open Mode requires manually resin filling. Without cartridge detection, resin is not automatically dispensed and resin must be manually added to the resin tank, no more than the maximum fill line on the front of the resin tank. Open Mode disables automatic sensing of the resin tank’s fill level; prints will automatically pause for a manual tank refill after each 100 mL of resin.

Starting a Print with Open Mode

To start a print in Open Mode, the printer must be idle, not printing:

  1. Touch the gear icon to open the Settings menu on the printer’s touchscreen.
  2. Select Open Mode.
  3. Select On.
  4. In PreForm, open the Print Settings dialog box.
  5. Select the recommended material settings from the manufacturer of the third party resin.
  6. Upload and start the print.

Open Mode Printer Statuses

To see the printer’s status, access Open Mode from the Settings tab of the Form 2’s touchscreen. Here’s a breakdown defining each possible “state” of Open Mode:


Open Mode is disabled. Your printer is currently set to achieve optimal results with Formlabs materials. Enabling Open Mode allows you to use 3rd-party materials, but will disable several printer features, such as automatic refilling.

Enable Open Mode before using a third-party material. This will turn off the Form 2’s automated resin system and requires manually pouring third-party resin into the resin tank. Fill to the resin tank’s maxmimum line and refill every 100 mL as the printer stops automatically.


Open Mode is disabled. A print is currently active. Open mode can only be enabled when the printer is idle.

Open Mode cannot be enabled while a print is running.


Open Mode is enabled. Other vendor materials can now be used to print, by manually pouring resin into the resin tray. The resin cartridge system, the heating system and the wiper will be disabled in this mode and printing quality will be degraded.

Because the Form 2 is calibrated with print settings specific to Formlabs materials, print quality cannot be guaranteed with third-party resin. Disable Open Mode to use Formlabs resins and the Form 2’s automated resin system.


A print is currently active. Open Mode can only be disabled with the printer is idle.

Open Mode can only be enabled or disabled when the Form 2 is idle, not when currently printing. To change the Open Mode status, cancel the print or wait until the print is done.