The touchscreen provides feedback and notifications if the Form 2 encounters any abnormal functions.


Before contacting Formlabs about any Form 2 issue, select Settings from the printer’s touchscreen, then navigate to Printer Info and select Upload Diagnostic Logs. This will provide detailed information to expedite the issue’s investigation.

Empty Cartridge

When the resin cartridge empties, replace the cartridge with a new cartridge. The cartridge design allows every drop of resin to drain and the system senses “empty” when the cartridge stops dispensing resin.

If the printer falsely detects an empty cartridge, ensure that the cartridge’s vent cap is open. Check the inside of the cap to ensure the vent is not blocked, and consider loosening the screwtop.

Cartridge Low

The Form 2 compares the required volume of each print to the cacluated amount of resin remaining in the current cartridge. This message appears when starting a print, after the resin tank fills. When there may not be enough resin left to complete the print, plan to replace the cartridge soon. Abort the print or select “Continue” to print. The Form 2 will pause mid-print when the cartridge stops dispensing resin.

Too Much Resin

Use a syringe or small disposable cup to remove small amounts of resin into a separate container. For a false “overfill” detection, consider checking the resin sensor’s cleanliness.

Missing Resin Tank and/or Missing Cartridge

Check the ID chip on the resin tank and/or cartridge to ensure the ID chip is present and clean. A dirty or missing chip can prevent the tank or cartridge from being properly detected.

Fully remove and re-insert the resin tank and/or cartridge. The resin tank’s orange acrylic should be perfectly flush with the front of the black tank carrier.

Resin Tank Warning and/or Cartridge Warning

Always ensure that the resin tank and resin cartridge have matching resin types. For a new type of resin in a previously used tank, empty and clean the tank, then ignore the error to reprogram the tank’s resin type.

Motors Jammed

Sensors track the motor’s proper movement based on timing; these sensors will detect that a motor is stuck if it does not return “home” in the right amount of time.

Any object hanging or resting in the path of the wiper or tank’s sliding motion will prevent the motor from moving properly. Open the Form 2 cover to check the build platform, resin tank, and wiper for any obstructions that may block the wiper or tank from sliding right or left. Remove foreign objects, then fully remove and re-insert the build platform, wiper, and/or resin tank.

Heating Taking Too Long

The heater will stop heating if it cannot reach the target temperature of 30°C (86°F) after 60 minutes. For a cold operating environment, the printer may require more than one heating cycle to reach the desired temperature. Retry heating or start the print again. Learn more about maintaining resin temperature

Cartridge Worn Out

Each cartridge contains and can reliably dispense one liter of resin. After the full liter dispenses, dispose of the cartridge and continue printing with a new cartridge. Try again once the depleted cartridge has been replaced.

To manually print with non-Formlabs resins, explore Open Mode on the Form 2.

Configure your Dashboard settings to receive SMS and/or email notifications when a print is aborted. Use the touchscreen to abort a print in progress. Hold the printer’s button to pause a print, or select “Abort” directly to stop a print in progress. The printer will automatically pause, but not abort, if the resin cartridge is empty or the printer is not level.

Configure your Dashboard settings to receive SMS and/or email notifications for the print errors listed on this page. The printer’s message will display more specific details about the error.

Cannot Read Sensor

The resin tank sensor is located directly behind the resin tank and may experience a reading error if the tank is too close, too far, or if the sensor or tank are contaminated.

If your Form 2 gets a “cannot read sensor” error, follow these steps:

  1. Take the wiper and the resin tank out of the Form 2.
  2. Check the back of the resin tank and the sensor behind the tank for any contamination. Clean with IPA if needed.
  3. Re-insert and push the tank all the way back. The touchscreen will display a confirmation message when the resin tank is installed flush to the tank carrier’s front edge.

For a persistent sensor error, consider inserting the tank with a slightly twisted counter-clockwise alignment: align the right side so the acrylic tab is flush with the carrier and the left side with a minimal gap (the thickness of 1-2 sheets of paper) between the tank and the tank carrier.

Printer Not Level

The Form 2 operates best when perfectly level. The touchscreen will prompt the printer to be leveled whenever necessary, and you can view the current levelness by opening “Printer Leveling” in the touchscreen’s Settings tab, designated by the gear icon.

Follow the touchscreen instructions and use the leveling tool to level the Form 2.

Wi-Fi Errors

Wi-Fi is a beta feature on the Form 2. The Form 2 displays specific error messages depending on the Wi-Fi access point’s response to the connection attempt. Refer to our set-up instructions for connecting the Form 2 to connect via Wi-Fi, USB, or Ethernet. PreForm must be connected to the same network as the printer for wireless uploading. Always check with a network administrator to ensure that the wireless network is configured to allow the Form 2 to connect. For a Windows operating system, check to ensure that Bonjour is properly installed; this is required to connect.


The password was not entered correctly. Check the network password. Check with a network administrator to ensure that the wireless network is configured to allow the Form 2 to connect.


The Form 2 failed to configure the wireless connection and could not connect to the network. Check with a network administrator to ensure that the wireless network is configured to allow the Form 2 to connect.

Factory Reset Instructions

On some occasions, resetting the Form 2 may be appropriate to correct unusual printer behavior. Unusual printer behavior may include unknown error messages, incomplete firmware upgrades, a non-responsive touchscreen, or trouble connecting via PreForm. To perform the factory reset:

  1. Unplug the printer from power.
  2. Reconnect the printer’s power cable.
  3. Press & hold the printer’s button until the touchscreen re-appears (around 15 seconds).
  4. Release the button.

If the reset has been successful, you will notice that the uploaded jobs list on your printer will now be empty.