For successful prints, it is essential that the Form 2 resin tank remains clean and free of debris. Occasionally, a failed print will leave small, partially cured pieces of resin floating in the tank, or hard cured resin stuck to the PDMS in the base of the tank. It is good practice to inspect and clean the tank after every print.

When you find cured resin or debris in the tank, follow these steps to clean the tank:

1. Disengage Wiper

Pull the wiper toward the front of the printer to release the wiper’s foot from the mount. Set the wiper aside, resting on the far right edge of the resin tank. Manually slide the wiper mount to the center before removing a resin tank.

2. Remove Failed Print


Using the Form Finish Kit scraper, very gently scrape across the PDMS layer with the blade at a low shallow angle.

Filter the Resin (Optional)

After removing the primary print failure, inspect the resin and tank for other small fragments. While the wiper will help keep the print area clear during printing, clean resin and optical transparency in the bottom of the resin tank are always the best way to ensure quality prints.


If you see or feel any resin cured in your tank, it’s essential to remove debris by cleaning the tank or the next print will fail. Use a paint filter with a 190 micron mesh size to thoroughly strain liquid resin.