Receiving and Setting Up Form Wash

When preparing to receive the Form Wash, plan an appropriate area and know what to expect out of the box. For the fastest unboxing and setup experience, purchase 10 liters of isopropyl alcohol in advance and review the Form Wash system overview before starting.

Form Wash has the following dimensions: 26.2 cm x 29.3 cm x 34.0 cm (10.3 in x 11.5 in x 13.4 in). The platform mount and basket raise upward to allow inserting and removing printed parts and for parts to air dry after washing. To fully open, Form Wash requires an additional clearance of 30 cm (12 in) above the unit. Without accounting for isopropyl alcohol or accessories, the Form Wash unit weighs 6.7 kg (14.5 lbs).

Operate the Form Wash in a well-ventilated room with a temperature between 18 and 28 °C (64-82 °F). For proper use, handling, and storage of IPA, obtain and observe the supplier’s separate SDS for IPA. For handling Formlabs materials, reference the SDS provided by Formlabs. Combinations of resin and IPA should be handled according to the restrictions of both. For questions, consult the appropriate SDS(s).

Unboxing Form Wash

Form Wash ships in a cardboard carton, protected by foam inserts above and below the machine. The upper foam insert also contains the accessories. Lift and remove the foam insert containing the accessories. Then, reach into the box to lift the Form Wash unit, holding the handles on each side to lift straight upward.

Form Wash Packaging

Dimensions: 33.0 cm x 35.4 cm x 45.6 cm (14 in x 14 in x 18 in)

Weight: 9.0 kg (20 lbs)

Retain all packaging and inserts for warranty service.

Instead of a serial number, all Formlabs machines have a Serial Name, which is a unique identifier to track the history of manufacturing, sales, repair, and to distinguish usage when connected to a network. The Serial Name is on the back panel of the machine in this format: “AdjectiveAnimal”. For Form Wash and Form Cure, the Serial Name is preceded by “Cure-” or “Wash-“.

Remove the siphon pump from the wash bucket, and follow the instructions for assembly. Use the siphon pump to add or remove isopropyl alcohol from the wash bucket.

When not in use, store the tools and accessories in their designated tool storage locations, according to the imprinted diagrams and system overview.

Setting Up Form Wash

To prepare to use Form Wash, follow the steps below to fill the wash bucket with isopropyl alcohol then calibrate the hydrometer. The hydrometer can only be calibrated in fresh IPA with a concentration of 90% or higher.

1. Fill Wash Bucket with IPA

Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) is a solvent used to remove uncured resin from SLA 3D prints. Open the outer lid. Pour or siphon to fill the wash bucket with IPA to reach a level between the minimum (7.8 L) and maximum (8.6 L) fill lines.

2. Connect Power Supply

Connect the power cable to Form Wash and a power source.

Form Wash includes a USB port for the possibility of future firmware updates.

3. Calibrate the Hydrometer

Reference the components of the hydrometer according to the following names: A. O-ring B. Float C. Handle D. Tall Wings E. Short Wings F. Weight

To calibrate the hydrometer, hold the handle and release the tool in the wash bucket’s fresh IPA. Slide the O-ring along the ribbed stem until the O-ring aligns with the short wings at the top of the float. Leave the O-ring in this position. The alignment of the wings and O-ring will be used to check the resin concentration of IPA between washes. Store the hydrometer in the tool storage.

TIP: The hydrometer is designed to work with 90% IPA or higher and will not work with IPA less than 90% nor any alternative solvent. After calibrating in fresh IPA, the hydrometer will only be effective for measuring IPA of the same concentration. The hydrometer can also be calibrated in a smaller container of fresh IPA.

Using Form Wash

Form Wash is ready for use once the wash bucket has been filled between the minimum and maximum fill lines and the hydrometer is calibrated. Choose whether to wash the part on the build platform or in the basket.