Form Wash Time Settings

These settings indicate the recommended times to wash parts printed in Formlabs resins using Form Wash. Program the wash time by using the display and knob on Form Wash. Wash times may vary slightly, depending on the size of parts, concentration of resin in IPA, and IPA circulation.

ResinWash TimeNote
Tough20 minutesTackiness has been observed on part surfaces when washed in alcohol with more than 5% resin concentration.
Rigid15 minutesWash parts printed with Rigid Resin in a separate bucket from other materials.
Grey Pro15 minutes
Castable10 minutesWash Castable parts for the shortest time necessary to remove liquid resin. Allow all IPA to fully evaporate from the parts before curing and casting.
High Temp6 minutesHigh Temp Resin cannot be rinsed for more than 10 minutes in isopropyl alcohol (IPA), or the part will absorb IPA.
Dental SG Resin5 minutesWash in 96% IPA. Fully dry and inspect the parts for any uncured resin, and re-wash in clean IPA if necessary.
Dental LT Clear Resin5 minutesWash in 96% IPA. For optimum mechanical properties, do not wash Dental LT Clear printed parts in IPA for longer than 10 minutes.
All other resins10 minutesTackiness has been observed on part surfaces when washed in alcohol with more than 10% resin concentration.

Wash settings are updated periodically, as materials are introduced and improved. Download the latest PDF version (English only), and check for updated wash settings when using a new resin or revised formulation.

Two factors work together to remove the thin layer of liquid resin from the surface of printed parts: solvation and agitation. Learn more about the factors that lead to the cleanest part surfaces.

TIP: Use separate wash buckets to preserve part color and quality. Maintain separate equipment to meet biocompatibility requirements.

When to Change the Wash Time

For a wash bucket with highly resin-concentrated IPA, add an additional 5 minutes to the Wash Time. Testing at Formlabs indicates that parts may start to feel tacky when coming out of an IPA solution that is 5-10% concentrated with resin. When properly calibrated in fresh IPA, the hydrometer included with Form Wash recommends replacing IPA at around 10-12% resin concentration. Depending on the sequence, part size, and volume of solvent, up to 200 parts can be washed before emptying and fully replacing IPA.

The lifetime of the IPA bath, or the amount of use before the alcohol needs to be replaced, can be prolonged with a revised workflow. Consider rinsing parts with a small volume of alcohol before inserting printed parts in Form Wash. The preliminary rinse option will remove the majority of resin and keep the alcohol in the Form Wash bucket cleaner.

NOTE: When using the Form Finish Kit with the Form 1+ or Form 2, with most resins Formlabs recommends two 10-minute soaks in separate baths, with 30 seconds of agitation by hand. Form Wash circulates solvent throughout the entire wash cycle, enabling shorter wash times than parts that are left to soak without constant agitation. Where available, check each resin’s instructions for specific steps.