Cleaning and Maintaining Form Cure

Like any professional equipment, treat Formlabs machines, materials, and accessories with respect and care to ensure a safe working environment and a long-lasting machine.

Best Practices

Observe the following habits to keep Form Cure in good, working condition:

  • Keep the turntable and interior surfaces clean.
  • Wash parts to completely remove uncured resin.
  • Allow at least 30 minutes for isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to fully evaporate after washing.
  • Wipe the cover with a non-abrasive cloth as needed.
Wear gloves when handling parts and surfaces with IPA or uncured resin.

Materials for Cleaning

Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) is suitable to clean most surfaces, including cured and uncured resin. When wiping the cover surfaces, use a non-abrasive cloth. Other materials may scratch the cover.

Turntable Maintenance

Form Cure relies on the turntable’s rotation to expose part surfaces to even amounts of light and heat. The turntable must have sufficient clearance to continue rotating.

Periodically lift the turntable to inspect for small pieces of cured resin. Remove particles of cured resin from above and below the turntable to ensure the turntable can rotate without interruption.

Clean the turntable and the surface underneath as needed. Use IPA to clean the turntable or the base if necessary, and allow IPA to fully evaporate before starting a post-cure cycle.

Dry Parts and Keep Equipment Clean

Completely wash and dry all parts before post-curing in Form Cure. Do not operate Form Cure with uncured resin, partially cured resin, or other liquids on the turntable. Clean any resin or liquid from interior surfaces, especially the light diffusers made of frosted glass, before starting a post-cure cycle. Resin will harden during the cure cycle. Cured resin blocks light and prevents the turntable from rotating.