Alternate Post-Cure Solutions

Post-curing helps 3D printed parts achieve optimal material properties. Follow these recommendations to post-cure parts when using materials and systems that pre-date Form Cure.

Prior to the availability of Form Cure, some post-cure recommendations were developed based on widely-available hardware. The results of Formlabs’ post-curing comparison study show that using heat with a 405 nm light source during post-cure was superior to an equivalent level of lower wavelength light, such as 365 nm.

Form Cure uses a combination of active heating and 405 nm light—the same wavelength as the Form 2 laser—for the best results. Formlabs provides full guidance for using Form Cure, but Formlabs can only provide minimal guidance for alternate post-cure systems, which will produce different material properties and may require experimentation.

Recommended practices for the best post-curing results:

  • Completely wash and dry all parts before post-curing
  • When post-curing, ensure that the target temperature is reached before starting the cure lights and beginning the timer.
  • Rotate or flip parts midway to ensure an even cure if using point light sources. In larger cure chambers consider taking advantage of a solar-powered turntable to rotate your print as it cures.
  • For DIY solutions, build an enclosure around a powerful 405 nm lamp for an easy and effective solution. Keep in mind that heat plays a significant role in effective post-curing.
NOTE:These recommendations pre-date Form Cure. These time and temperature settings are strictly for post-curing materials and hardware that were available before Form Cure. For the latest recommended time and temperature settings, including newer materials, refer to the Form Cure time and temperature settings.
Formlabs ResinRecommended
Temperature (°C)
Time under a
405 nm Light
Standard ResinsClear60°60 minutesClear Datasheet
Grey60°60 minutesClear Datasheet*
White60°60 minutesClear Datasheet*
Black60°60 minutesClear Datasheet*
Engineering ResinsCastable45°120 minutesCastable Burnout
Flexible45°60 minutesFlexible Datasheet
30 minutes
120 minutes
Tough Datasheet
High Temp60°60 minutesHigh Temp
Durable60°120 minutes, flip halfwayDurable Datasheet
Dental SGSee Using Dental SG Resin for complete post-processing instructions
Dental Model60°60 minutesDental Model

*Mechanical properties for Clear are comparable to all General Purpose Resins: Grey, White, and Black.