Are you ready to build a 3D printed T. rex with your class?

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If there’s one topic guaranteed to excite students, it’s dinosaurs. In tandem with Ultimaker, Naturalis Biodiversity Center has created an exhilarating, interactive lesson plan, showing you how to build a T. rex skeleton in the classroom. Best of all, it’s free to download. Read on to find out more about the lesson plan, and the project that inspired it.

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The First 3D Printer Farm with Cloud 3D Printer Management in Southeast Asia

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Faculty of Architecture, Kasetsart University set up Digital Prototyping Laboratory (AKU: Digital Prototyping Laboratory, DPL) launching 3D Printer Farm with cloud 3D printing service for the purpose of university education and research development expecting that this will boost up technological potential and support research study design in all angles, made it to be the First and the largest 3D Printer Farm in Southeast Asia.

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